Sullivan Compliance


Make Sure Your Game Show is Fun and Compliant

Game shows are one of the most durable genres on television today, and ensuring fair, honest production while still representing the best interests of everyone involved is complex. We work with show creators, distributors, and producers to verify the honesty and integrity of programs, providing a variety of services.

More Than a Simple Rules Service

Working with producers to create a show bible is absolutely essential, and we can help outline the procedures that will help protect everyone involved, but it's much more than that. We can also help perfect your format, while keeping your production compliant. We also offer on-site coverage that helps producers resolve any potential problems, creating a solid communication flow that gives everyone the peace of mind necessary to move forward. Contestant briefing can also be part of the package, helping them understand their rights and the potential consequences of cheating.

Television is a fickle space, but game shows have been an essential genre since the 70s, and that fact isn't likely to disappear in the near future. Making certain your game or reality show is ready for production is our job. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

Game Show Compliance Benefits & Services

SCC ICON Drafting Rules
Draft Challenge Rules
SCC ICON Consultation
Format Consultation
SCC ICON Limit Liability
Limit Liability
SCC ICON On Site Coverage
On-Site Coverage
SCC ICON Briefing
Contestant Briefing
ICON Prevent Cheating
Prevent Cheating
ICON SCC Participant Release
Participant Release Review
SCC ICON Problem Solving
Problem Solving
ICON SCC Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind
SCC ICON Fairness
Ensure Fairness