We know the pace of business has sped up and every sweepstakes or contest needs to start tomorrow. Tap into the agility of our licensed and white labeled managed digital platform to ensure you launch your promotion on time. Once we receive client supplied graphics, we can have your microsite or social media promotion up and running in about five business days! We can help you run a simple sweepstakes, a fun quiz, a photo contest, an instant win, a hashtag campaign, games like puzzles, memory and word searches, and even couponing promotions. Our managed digital platform is mobile first which means it works best on devices in the hands of your customers. Check out some of our "live" demos.
Photo Contest
Instant Win
Word Find


SCC ICON Consultation v5
Compliance & Format Review
BS ICON Identify Risk v5
Identify Risk
SCC ICON Limit Liability v5
Help You Avoid Fines
ICON Official Rules Drafting Blob v5 GREY no outline
Draft Official Rules
ICON Reg & Bonding v5
Registration & Bonding
ICON Microsite Blob v5 no outline copy
Microsite Development
ICON Social Meida v5
Social Media Deployment
ICON Spanish Translation Blob v5 no outline copy
Spanish Language Promotions
ICON Drawing v5
Random Drawings
ICON Notification v5
Winner Notification
ICON Verification v5
Winner Verification
ICON Prize Fulfillment v5
Prize Fulfillment
ICON 1099 v5
1099 Issuance
SCC ICON Cheating v5
Prevent Cheating
ICON Errors & Omissions v5
Errors & Omissions Insurance
Digital Mktng Knowledge v5 copy
30+ Years Experience
ICON Moderation v5
Content Moderation
ICON Judging v5
Contest Judging
International Contests v5
International Contests
Digital Mktng Disclsure Knowledge v5 copy copy
Disclosures & Disclaimers