Broadcast Standards


Scripted and Unscripted Shows Need Compliance and Ratings

Scripted or unscripted, the FCC has fairly strict rules when it comes to programming. Ensuring your production remains compliant in terms of indecency and "payola" disclosure requirements can be complex. At ESG, our broadcast standards division works to make certain the content meets the needs of your audience, advertisers, and regulatory bodies, offering both guidance and recommendations that help productions like yours handle complex situations. Oversight like this is absolutely invaluable and helps reduce internal staffing costs while mitigating risks.

Our Signature Review Service

At ESG, our signature review service includes the help you need to create a quality viewing experience for your customers and a better advertising experience for stakeholders. We start with script review, the first opportunity to ascertain the tone and essence of a show. After reading the script, we offer notes before the crew ever begins shooting. Our network cut review helps your team address any potential issues when it comes to language, sexual situations, and violence in any production. We work to maintain respect for the creative process, the story, and character development while maintaining an awareness of the audience and advertiser concerns. The final step in the process is ratings recommendation to help convey the suitability of a program to the public. Protecting the network and producers from FCC fines and ensuring the audience and advertisers know what to expect is absolutely essential, and remains one of our primary goals throughout the process. Find the right approach to review for your company - begin your journey with ESG today.

Broadcast Standards Benefits & Services

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Script Review
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Network Cut Review
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Identify Risk
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Recommend Ratings
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Reduce Risk