Registration and Bonding Services


Navigate Registration & Bonding With Ease

Some states require that you register and bond your sweepstakes when your prize(s) are valued over $5,000. This can be a technical, time consuming process. The states can issue fines to the sponsor and can even ban companies from running future sweepstakes in that state if the law is not followed. Another state requires registration if the prize is valued over $500 and the sponsor is a retailer. ESG has registered thousands of promotions and we know how to navigate this tricky terrain. There are multiple steps to this process that ESG can manage on your behalf.

Stay Ahead of State Deadlines

Each state has different deadlines. New York's statute states a promotion must be registered 30 days before the start date (although they don't enforce this deadline) while Florida requires registration and bonding seven days prior to the start of the promotion and Rhode Island wants the sweepstakes registered before entries are collected. Of course, if the promotion is going to be pre-promoted to the public then the registration deadlines will pivot around this date instead. Both the state of Florida and New York require bonding in order to ensure all advertised prizes are awarded - especially if a resident of their state is a winner. These are just a few of the factors when registering your sweepstakes. ESG can handle this or consult with your marketing team to structure the promotion differently or even turn it into a contest (contests usually do not require registration). Call us for a free consultation.

Registration & Bonding Services

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