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Why You Need Good Prize Rules From the Start


Ask almost any company that’s tried it, and they’ll be quick to tell you that running a contest for your business can bring some real payoffs. More customers, better brand awareness, and higher sales numbers can all be the result of a solid promotion, but making that contest happen can be difficult. Among the aspects to consider – your prize rules.

A Cautionary Tale

In September of 2016, Darwin Day was cleaning his house when he happened on a collection of baseball cards from 1957. On the back of one of the cards was a contest to win a prize if he could predict the score of several games listed on the card. There was a deadline, April 26, but no year was attached to that deadline. As a result, Day looked up the scores of the games, then submitted the results. Fortunately, the company – Bazooka – had a great sense of humor and awarded him the prize anyway – a new baseball glove.

Best Practices

While this misstep didn’t cost Bazooka too much money, it could certainly cost your company a lot more. Follow these practices to avoid a serious problem.

  • Make certain your contest adheres to state and local laws.
  • State the contest sponsor.
  • Include strict eligibility guidelines.
  • Add a month, day, and time for when the contest begins and ends and when the winner will be announced.
  • Offer complete entry information.
  • Include any limitations.

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