More than 70% of companies use contests as a marketing strategy on a regular basis. Wondering why? They directly translate to results including new customers, new leads, and higher sales totals. People like to win contests, and it can often mean promoting your brand and reaching audiences you might not connect with through other marketing means.

Making It Work

As with any other form or advertising, contests aren't guaranteed to meet your advertising goals. Instead, it takes starting with a well-defined strategy that includes an understanding of the type of contest that will best appeal to your target audience, a breakdown of the timeline, and a better understanding of your goals.

Turnkey Solutions

At ESG, our focus has always been on forming partnerships with our clients to ensure they get the measurable results they want. We create, administer, and implement the entire contest to ensure you get the results that will advance your brand. Our team has decades of experience with contests, and we've evolved as quickly as technology has, so we understand today's latest techniques. Ready to get started? Give us a call today.