Sweepstakes Are Effective

Seven out of every ten people in the United States have entered a sweepstakes of some kind during their lives, and those numbers are only going up thanks to the number of companies moving those sweepstakes to social media. Wondering why so many companies use this strategy? It's simple. Those entries directly translate to brand loyal customers who are willing to follow you almost anywhere.

The Sweepstakes Challenge

The biggest issue for companies who want to use sweepstakes and giveaways in their marketing plan is legality. Sweepstakes are highly regulated by national, state, and local laws, and that makes it tough to come up with the idea, then implement it legally. It's incredibly easy to find your company on the wrong side of the regulations, and that not only means you lose ground in terms of advertising, but it also may mean hefty fines in the long run.

Scoring a Win

ESG has the knowledge and experience necessary to handle your upcoming sweepstakes. Whether you already have a solid idea in place or you're still at the brainstorming stage to help ensure your promotion drives customers directly to your door, we're ready to help you use this time-tested marketing tool to cut through the noise of the marketplace and move forward. Contact us today to learn more.

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