Add a Bit of Fun To Your Promotion

Who influences your brand more than anyone else? Real people. Happy customers make for a happy bottom line, and when you add gamification to your real, happy customers, you get a fun element of competition that translates to the perfect marketing strategy.

Gamification is an easy way to build an emotional connection with an audience and create that long term brand relationship that can be so powerful to your company. Contests, free product giveaways, and more mean promoting your brand. It's clearly a strategy that pays off over time. Some studies have shown gamification can lead to a 100% increase in your customer engagement metrics.

Gamify Your Brand Quickly

We know the pace of business has sped up and we can help you stay up to speed when you tap into the agility of our licensed and white labeled managed digital platform to ensure aren't delayed by the technical aspect of your promotion. Once we receive client supplied graphics, we can have your fun game up and running in about five business days! We can help you gamify your consumer's experience with a puzzle, memory game, puzzles, spinning the wheel and a word search. Our managed digital platform is mobile first which means it works best on devices in the hands of your customers. Have fun with a few of our demos below.


ESG’s newest and most versatile gamification platform is Sell-Fusion©. Sell-Fusion© combines gamification, loyalty rewards, customer communication, product education and social media sharing and selling into a unique and revolutionary marketing and consumer engagement system. Mobile enabled and designed from the ground up to be both expandable and configurable to meet the specific marketing needs of our clients, our platform is proven and tested with clients doing hundreds of millions of dollars in digital commerce, but it also works with In-store marketing initiatives.

Our new Fantasy Shopping League© (FSL) gamification strategy is powered by our Sell-Fusion© platform and built on ESG’s gamification and shopper marketing expertise. FSL is a fun weekly game that rewards your customers with multiple opportunities to quickly win cash, valuable reward points and other prizes. It also can be readily integrated into and enhance any existing loyalty reward program already in place. FSL uniquely rewards your customers for becoming your “Brand Ambassadors” who will amplify your marketing messages across multiple social media platforms. FSL is product and marketing focused. FSL “teams” are selected from a list of featured products each week, and scoring is based on sales with “standings” and rewards earned reported and updated constantly. Multiple ways to win from frequent and regular participation and social sharing directly encourages sales, increases customer loyalty and boosts your bottom line.

For more information about Sell-Fusion© and Fantasy Shopping League©, click here to be contacted by our representative.

Game On

Ready to make it happen? ESG can help. We'll take a closer look at your target audience to understand what might appeal to them. Because we've worked with so many companies on this aspect, we have the background necessary to know what truly works and how to incorporate your brand into every step you take. We know how to help you set your marketing goals, incentivize your customers, and stick to the deadlines necessary to develop and deploy a gamification strategy that stays fresh for your audience and pays off for you.

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