Peer to Peer Marketing

Your peers - they've been an essential part of your life since you were 13, and that doesn't really change over time. People often add weight to the opinions of individuals or companies who have similar goals and experiences. After all, you don't want to get left behind, do you? Social media only adds to that equation because platforms like Facebook mean you know what your peers are doing nearly every second of the day.

Enter peer to peer marketing, the strongest form of advertising your brand can use. If the goal of marketing is to create content that really resonates and makes people think, peer to peer marketing means those feelings generated by that content go viral through a social feed, a group text, or even a forwarded email. It's neighbors chatting with neighbors, and it's an equation you want to be part of.

The Strategies You Need Now

At ESG, we can help you build the key strategies necessary to increase or develop a sustainable peer to peer marketing program. We'll not only help you leverage your existing channels, but we'll also create a roadmap complete with the key focus areas your product team needs to focus on to build the right plan over time. Ready to get started? Contact us today.